Are We Animals?

Graduation Film : Are We Animals?

This is a student graduation film by Arnov Chaudhury, Jyoti P Khatavkar, Yves Marie Beaufrand, Karthikeyan D. We are very lucky to have the help of the incredibly talented voice actors and composers..It was a great and memorable experience..I hope you enjoy the film.

I was the majorly looking after the Look Dev.(Lighting, Shading, Rendering) and Compositing for our team. My process involved making small thumbnails to the best of my ability to give me an idea for the lighting in our environments.

I contributed also in some set designs, character modeling and sculpting for the fur on the side.

The challenge personally was to manage time as being the only lighter in the team to prepare the lights for heavy sets and many shots.

Short listed in top 5 for a Korean Festival - SPP 2014, Seoul
Nominated for the Zlin Festival 2015, Czech
Nomitated in NFFTY 2015, Seattle

A mole's adventure to save the humans who are just another bite from extinction!
Voice Actors - Mole - Tonya Simmons 
Lama, Rabbit, Elephant - Sachin Mehta
Music By - Julien Thuret
Sound By - Alex Cap

I do hope you enjoy our short film and please feel free to comment on it.
Thanks you for the time!


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